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Wireless adapter is a network device that functions to receive and transmit signals or share WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) connections from one computer to another. WiFi or wireless network adapter is a technology to use electronic equipment to exchange data without the help of cables, but uses radio waves through a computer network and requires high-speed internet connection. This tool can be used for internet access while wireless LAN adapters are usually limited to local networks only.In networks that use WiFi the function of wireless adapters is to strengthen signals and simplify the operating system. The USB Wireless adapter works swapped between the laptop and desktop and is fast and easy and can enable the laptop to connect to a WiFi network.Definition of wireless usb is a device that is in charge of dividing the WiFi connection to several PCs or from one PC to another PC. Wireless USB adapters are the latest technology devices for WiFi networks. The easy and flexible way to operate it makes it chosen as a favorite device in working activities with the internet. This USB wireless requires 5V power from a USB port. USB WiFi adapters can be used for notebooks or PCs but have certain limitations. How to use a USB WiFi adapter is quite easy, but also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the shape is practical and easy to remove so it's easy to operate. The disadvantages of this range of devices are not too broad and the performance capabilities and transmission power are very dependent on the shape of the antenna
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