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Fiber Optic

Optical fiber is widely used in large companies and agencies that require a strong, fast, and stable network access to maintain the performance of companies that depend on a fast and reliable network structure. In its current development, networks with fiber optic cables are not only used for middle to upper networks but have begun to be applied to lower-level networks such as households.The function of fiber optic cable network is to protect ordinary networks such as LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), or MAN. Because it is made of glass fiber and is protected with a strong layer so that it is not easily damaged, fiber optic cable is very good for maintaining network stability in agencies or companies with multi-storey buildings, it is even widely used as an undersea network cable that guarantees relations between one country and another .Fiber Optic Cable is a type of cable made of glass or a type of plastic that is very fine and smaller than a piece of hair, and can be used to send light signals from a place to another place. The light source used is usually a laser. This cable has a diameter of approximately 120 micrometers. The development of fiber optic cable technology to date has been able to produce attenuation of less than 20 decibels (dB) / km. With a large bandwidth (bandwidth) so that the ability to transmit data becomes more and faster compared to the use of conventional cables such as UTP cable.
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