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Fiber Runner

Fiber optic cables carry far more services and much greater throughput than traditional copper services and downtime or outages can cost tens of thousands of dollars per second in lost revenue for each cord damaged.Optical fiber cables are fragile and need to be correctly protected throughout any cabling installation from end to end. Traditional cable routing on open cable trays and ladders may cause damage to the delicate fiber cables. These methods of routing cables provide no protection for the exposed fiber.SLS Electric Fiber Tray Runway Features:Fiber cables that a have minimum diameter of 3mm of less should be properly protected and segregatedProtects from micro bending when placed in cable and from crushing caused by collocated heavy copper cablesProvides a dedicated fiber routing path which enables for good cable management for a structured cabling solutionEasy identification and isolation from other services including copper servicesEnsures minimum bend radius is adhered to, generally specified as 30mm (1.25”)Flammability standards certified with UL 94 V-0 & GB8624-2012Material – ABS
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