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Cable Patch Cord

Patchcord is a fiber optic cable of a certain length that has a connector attached at the end. used to connect between devices or to telecommunications connections.Patch cord is an indoor fiber cable that is used only for indoors. There are simplex (1 core) and some are duplex (2 core), single and multimode modes.Patch cord has many types of connectors, because each device / tool used has a different type that is tailored to the needs.Patch Cord functions at the same speed as a solid UTP cable, there is a cat5, cat6 even optical fiber.Many Installers ignore the use of Patch Cord, the use of Patch Cord can be replaced with a solid cable if the budget is less, because the price of Patch Cord is more expensive than a solid cable / box.To replace the patch cord with a solid utp cable, the solid utp cable must be manually terminated by connecting with the RJ45 connector then using the Crimping Tool.
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