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Kabel PLC Splitter

Planar PLC Waveguide optical splitter (PLC Splitter) is a quartz-based integrated Waveguide wave power distribution device. Just like a coaxial cable transmission system, optical network systems also need to combine optical signals, which produce PLC piping.

PLC cable Splitter is a device that has an input channel (input), and an output channel (output). After a period of time the shortcomings begin to be felt in the interface or interface that is less attractive to the user.

The use of these cable accessories is to use the PLN power cable. So an internet connection that has been using a communication cable with an RJ11 or RJ45 port will be replaced with a power cable / grid directly from the PLN power cable. It can, because it utilizes the electromagnetic field caused by current delivery activities (Maxwell's law). We do not need to bother to the internet cafe, just install the line at home, we can already surf in cyberspace and there is another understanding of PLC (Power Line Communication), which is using electrical wiring for communication and data transmission.
The electricity flow can actually be used to become a "carrier" (carrier) signal for information and data. Because the data itself can be converted from digital format to analog.

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