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Rack Server

Server Rack is a Rack specifically designed for placement of servers or network network equipment such as HUB - SWITCH and U server computer is a standard measurement unit for pointing vertically used space, or rack height (iron frame designed to hold hardware) and cabinets (attachments with one or more doors). This unit of measurement refers to the space between the shelves on the shelf.In a single rack there are several rack servers stacked on top of it. Other network resources are also consolidated to reduce floor space as needed. Server rack configuration is also useful to simplify cabling between other network components.In addition, in a rack server equipment also filled with servers, a cooling system specifically used to prevent excessive heat. Because if there is a lot of excessive heat there will be a lot of wasted component power. Given that in a small space has limited power. One example of the benefits of using server rack is that it is used in the business scope.Speaking of rack servers, many people who think rack servers are a large computer room with miles and miles of complete computer equipment.
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