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Routers are computer network hardware that can be used to connect multiple or different networks. A router is a device for sending data packets over a network or internet to get to its destination, the process is called routing.
The routing process itself occurs at layer 3 of the OSI seven-layer protocol stack. Routers are sometimes used to connect two networks that use different media, such as from Ethernet to Token Ring. That's the definition of a router.

Router function. Routers have the main function to share or distribute IP addresses, either statically or DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Bottle to all computers connected to the router. With the unique IP address shared by the router, each computer can enable each computer to connect to one another and communicate, whether on a LAN or the internet.

At this time, router devices are more sophisticated and modern. To distribute IP addresses to each computer on a network, the router functions not only can connect with a LAN cable connection, but can be with wireless technology. Thus, the router can now be connected to every computer, laptop, gadget, smartphone that is within the range of the router. Enough to use a radio wave emitted by the router. That's the function of the router.

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